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Fox Emporium (2005 - 2007)

Fox-Emporium Events [F-Em] 2005-2007

Fox-Emporium Events was a player run event group formed on Oceania Shard to offer player run events for the community. It was formed when Cymoril (Fox Events) and myself, MissEcho (The Emporium shop) teamed up to attempt to take player run events into a new level of professionalism. In addition to monthly auctions and the casino operation, many other events were run for the community. We both created specific characters to 'front' the Event Group, Cymoril created Brenna Fox, I created Eleanora Fox. After a few events, the group was joined by our good friend Constable Fox.

Brenna left the group in December 2006, and Constable in Mar 2007, following the departures, I operated under the F-Em banner for most of 2007 but decided to begin the new yr 2008 under the banner of 'Emporium Vendors & Events [EVE]' with Thane and Avril as support operators. I left the game mid in 2009. It became too hard to get people to 'attend' things such as auctions etc due to the huge drop in player numbers.

As a side note: The three of us also formed the guild CMD Chevaliers D'Maison D'Arque for our 'regular' playing characters. Formed 2004, disbanded 2007. Guild Leader: Tarkus Darkly & alts, Members: MissEcho & alts, Cymoril & alts. Between us we had about 25 odd characters most of which were played weekly.

Archive of Events

Scavenger Hunt 20.3.05 Participants: Molly Holly, Stile, Matt, Midknight Sun, SIN (3rd), fen-zip, Sinnister, Brooke, Katlene (2nd), Ruben, Rei Aiko, Undertaker, Stellar (5th), Kribblette (4th), Makaveli, Abaddon (1st), Sarevok, Kruger

Egg House - Easter Guessing Comp 21.3.05 to 27/3/05 Competition winner with 870 eggs - Stylex

Lotto - ran for 12 weeks from March 05 various winners.

LOrd Dante's Birthday Party - 3.4.05 winners of party games: Nosferatu, Lady Ringer , Lady Shakina, Lady Akasha, Gavin

Bingo 16.7.05 Winners of rounds were: Dain, Draconius, Elwin Storme (x3), Slayer, NightOwl (x2) & Kattamia (x2)

Trivia Night 1 - 24.4.05 Teams were:
Eternal Alliance: Hammeron, Sir Seth Cromwell, Amathist & Frost
Friends @ Play: CrAzY TrAiN, Sasha, NightOwl & Phoebe
Superior Intelligence in Stupid Hats: Kat, Fanny Adams, Madagascar & Velvet
Team Newbie: Fin & Beowulf
Team of Lost Knowledge: Daxon, Faith & Felicity *The Winning Team
The Pinks: Vanion, Trandora, Tru & Kattamia

Navigation Rally 1 - 11.6.05 participants/results: Kattamia (3rd), Frodo, Lara (2nd), Petrify (1st), Arianna, Jada, Saladius, Fib, NightOwl, Nighthawk & Silk.

Trivia Night 2 - 22.8.05
1. Team PoC: Temujin (Captain), Nakita, Holy Man, Ebola
2. The Rehabs: Nick (Captain), Blackmane, Uoo, A Lucky Dexxer
3. ToV Terrors: Kattamia (Captain), Sasha, Simsalabim, Elwin Storme
4. Papua Papyrus Peddlers: Lady Kat (Captain), Josselin Desse, Lair Spirit, Phoebe
5. Team Yellow: Grizzly Adams (Captain), Repo, Shedevail
6. The Monks: WhyteWolf (Captain), Balian Firebird, Lord Blackhawk, Sarah
7. Team EOB: Wonder Woman (Captain), Donica, Damsen, Heineken
8. CORP: Squall Leon (Captain), Lady Stellar, Sexy Jo, Goldie
9. POR: Destiny (Captain), Cyanide, Draco Khenzur, ToXiC
10. Friends of Fanny: Fanny Adams (Captain), Kheldar, Illyanna, Arelola *Winning team

F-em Christmas Party 21.12.05 28 players attended and were given gift boxes from F-em, Christmas trivia was held, winners Kattamia, Cyrano Brujah , Miriam DuMontafe, Blade, Keith of HCM, Phoebe & Vair na-chand'os.

Navigation Rally 2 - 12.3.06 Paricipants/Results: Alexis, Arelola, Beo-Shai'tam, Carlton Cold, Chief Y (1st), Ettercap, Haizelle, Held, Ivory, Kattamia, Keith of HCM, Konge, Sealkai, Simsalabim (3rd) and Snakes Fury (2nd).

Trivia Night 3 - 24.7.06
MOAV: Ovrkill (C), Moe, Aura, Vadim Amarel
Pretty in Pink: Jahira-Tor (C), Katlene, Storm, Sexy Jo
Papua Papyrus Peddlers: Lady Kat (C), Turron Palcord, Phoebe, Fink *Winning Team
Team Discovery Channel: Stumpy (C), Don Juan, Heineken, Cain
Random People Team: Konge (C), Apollo, Dain
The Collective: Keith of HCM (C), Jedisith Yoda, Westfolder, Gazball III
Kheldar on Viagra: Kheldar (C), Stellar, Asia, Honey

Survivor - Ran over 4 weeks from Apr 06 to May 06 Blue Team: Katlene, Corin, Creeping Death, Keith of HCM, Woverine, Ravinwood. Red Team: Lady Kat (sole survivor), Turrin, Dain, Chief Y (3rd), Rand Al'Thor (2nd), Stumpy. Sienna (EM) attended finale to congrat the winners.

Hell House - Sept 06 MK1 Winner Sasha, Other winners Mk 2-4 Kattamia, Kya Modroya, Slayer and Vadim Armarel. Sienna (EM) also attended to offer support.

Murder Mystery - 11.10.06 - Winner Chief Y

Christmas Party 22.12.06 31 gift boxes given out, some attendees who won various games : Gazball, Katlene, Dang, Silk, Ael'tya, Elrond, Sienna (EM)

Fox 'n' Vixen Pub Poets 19.1.07 - players asked to submit and then come and perform Limericks at the Taverns Opening event. Not formatted as only uploaded for this post but the Limericks and who performed them are here:Fox-Emporium Events - Pub Poets - Limericks

Mad Merricks Maze of Misery 1.2.07 Took 3 nights to 'break' the house. Participants Night 1: Inuyuma, Lady Kat, Circe, Big Kev, Vertex, Nitro, Fib, Morgan, Natrissa, Teeshy, Abaddon, Fink & Kit?.
Night 2: Old Red Hacksaw, Kattamia, Fanny Adams, Lord Robin, Lord Blademaster, Inuyuma, Bryson Fox, Guttersnipe, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Natrisca, Tenaka Khan, Lord Drongo, Bam, Shiryu, Lady Kat, Jahira Tor and Lord Allanon
Night 3: Dain, Lady Silk, Liesma Carne, Lady Kat, Natrisca, Sadistic, Chomper of Souls, Lord Blademaster, Narvan, Chief Y, Point & Click. Vertex *Winner* made it to the chest.

Brackenwood Village Christmas 20.12.07 - Attendees: Aether, Ceres, Modulas, Rooshan, Micki, Bryson, Tamallia, Johan, Thunder Child, Queenie, Santa, Cymoril, Mannanan, Bladerunner, Slade, Kizukai, Synjin, Teeshy, Dragon Smythe, April, Sexy Jo, Lady Maggy, Queen Aglaranna, Lady Fib, Grimm Jim, Overkill

Skittering Skirmish 26/1/08 Final 3: Snow with hopper Ace (1st), Rhianon with hopper Hopskotch Skitch (2nd), Arcadian Tor with hopper giant mutant hopper(3rd)

CIGO Casino - Opened 16th May, 2005 ran regularly on Friday nights til end 2006, then on odd times til end 2007.

Monthly Shard Auctions for 2 yrs starting August 2005 until Sept 2007

Guild: Oceania Player Killer [OPK]

OPK formed by Khan in 2003, then passed on to Ron Burgundy twins, later disbanded in 2007 to form a new guild called SSO, and continue to be lead by Sneaky Que. The famous battle of OPK vs TC dominated the Age of Shadow era (2003-2006).

Guild: Total Chaos [TC]

TC was formed by Avenger in 2002, who was also the winner of the Grandmaster Duellist PVP Tournament held in 2000. Vendome Cartier was also another winner (2 winners per shard). Avenger's deputy, Morrigan, also won semi finalist PVP tournament. TC was a key player in PVP History, also known as the Battle of TC vs OPK (2003 - 2006). World of Warcraft took away the PVP interest resulting most players deserted UO for WoW.

Guild: Fellowship of the Zen [FEZ]

Fellowship of Enlightenment & Zen [FEZ]
Established: 2000
Founders: Feenicks, Fink
Guildmasters: Tripitaka, Mjollnir, Fink the younger.
Original Town: Twin towns of "Fezper", north of Vesper on Felucca and Trammel. (2000-2004)
Current Guildhouse: Luna West
Alliance: Oceania

Guild: Shadow Rebels [S^R]

Shadow Rebels, founded by Bryson Fox in 2004, then passed leadership to Askitz in 2006, which was then taken over by April in 2007, followed by Nightmare/Hunter in 2008. In 2009, Bryson returned to Britannia and took over leadership and leads the guild until now.

Shadow Rebels is currently in alliance with "the-new" OPK and it is also currently fighting against 3T since 2009 (which most members are ex-TC).

Guild: Triple Tierce [3T]

Established in 2006 by a group of people originally from Total Chaos [TC], after a disagreement involved during a spawn crashing night against OPK. The leader, Avenger with  Baba and Morrigan mercilessly killed Sunday Silence which caused a rift between the ranks.

Gigi, formed 3T, along with the others, Sunday Silence, Vendome Cartier, Iyi, Gar, Chuen, and Humfrey.

Most founding members are now playing in Formosa Shard.

Guild: TAFE

TAFE was started in October 2009. The reason it was started is that Venus and I were sick and tired of PvPing with OPK. The fact that OPK did not listen and was(is?) full of heros. We were second-to-none until SSO made their return. In February or March 2010, Dragod joined our ranks, followed by Malistra towards the end of the year for a number of weeks until we decided to have a break from UO. To this date, we have been beaten very few times in an even fight unless it was by SSO (Even fight meaning 2v2 or 3v3).

We were the first guild to start PvPing with the Navrey Night Eyes and Tangle artifacts.

PvM wise, we have beaten everything up until the High-Seas booster. Since we arent in any need of the new items we dont see the point.

Today, we are semi-active in the PvP community. Our fights are between 3T and S^R who generally outnumber us 3:1 or more. Most of the time we prevail in these fights. It is only when they resort to dismounting us and tamers do they win. Alot of the time, 3T and S^R with stop fighting each other to kill us.

Guild: Pirates of Cove [PoC]

A pirate themed guild, founded by Lionheart on 4th August 2004. Lionheart was also previously founded TBD in 2003.
Originally the idea was to name the guild as Pirates of the Carribean, which was later suggested by Amathist to be Pirates of Cove, to reflect the city in Oceania.

2 weeks later, Lionheart handed over the leadership to Amathist. All shard events were done under the flag of the alliance of Pirates of Cove, including Clean Up Papua event, to fend off ophidians from the city of Papua in T2A.

The guildhall has moved to several places, due to invasion of the orcs (a shard event), which forced the migration to Umbra, and later moved back to Cove as the city gained independence.

The role of Captaint had then be passed to Seth Cromwell in August 2007, and then to Anne Bonny in September 2009.

Website of PoC can be found at http://piratesofcove.com/

-Anne Bonny- 

Guild: RED & TOV (2002-2004)

Rising Empire of Dawn RED
Established: 2002
Guildmasters: Jahira-Tor
Guild House Location: South of Skara Brae Gate.
Alliance: Most recently TOV
Players: Was at one point the largest guild on Oceania.

TOV was also a big influence on Oceania in the PvM scene...

Tamers of Virtue
Established: 2002
Guildmasters: Night Owl
Guild House Location: Luna
Alliance: RED
Players: Arkone Gracion

Guild: Draconic Protectors [DP]

Founded by Lihan in 2003, Draconic Protector was intended to be a PVP guild. Lihan was then retired and passed the leadership to Tenaka Khan in 2006.

Tenaka Khan took a drastic measure of kicking inactive members from the guild and started from fresh. It was a much more active guild with some worth to be mentioned members: hakuria baliwu, horrus, bandali, johan, tom, avril, mike of ameraust, aria, von beck, twinkle, champ, sweety and clog

Minax Alliance

The Alliance was formed in Feb 2009 and consists of:
* KHK, formed by Wogoramis, joined by Held, Dain. KHK later disbanded and turned to GIMP, lead by Held.
* Minax Pirates formed by Joan D'arc, a ranking officer from PoC.
* Tear of Shadow, founded by Wishes.
* Triple Tierce (non faction), founded by Gigi.

A council, Minax Alliance Council was then formed, headed by Dain, which was later disbanded.

Website of Minax Alliance can be found at http://minaxfaction.com

Oceania EMs

  • EM Mephisto (2016)
  • EM ShaniraFyre (2014)
  • EM Balthazar (2012)
  • EM Takako (2011)
  • EM Aeon (2010)
  • EM Delang (2010)
  • EM Vespera (2010)

The Early Age (1997-2002)

  • Ultima Online released
  • T2A Expansion
  • Learned Skills: Meditation, Stealth, Remove Trap
  • Runebook invented
2000 - Oceania's Birth - 28th January 2000 
  • Apr: Renaissance Expansion
  • Apr: Trammel Discovered
  • Sep: Khaldun Dungeon discovered
  • Dec: Minax started faction wars
  • EOB, FEZ guilds founded
  • Third Dawn Expansion
  • Ilshenar discovered by Gilforn
  • OrB guild founded
  • Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Expansion
  • July: Champion Spawns discovered
  • July: Enticement replaced by Discordance
  • TC guild founded

Age of Shadows (2003-2006)

  • Age of Shadow Expansion
  • Malas, Doom Dungeon Discovered
  • Item Insurance introduced
  • Learned Skills: Chivalry, Necromancy
  • Nov: Lord Blackthorn killed by Dawn
  • Lord British disappeared
  • Royal Council ruled
  • OPK, DP guilds founded
  • Samurai Empire Expansion
  • Tokuno Islands Discovered
  • Learned Skills: Bushido, Ninjitsu
  • PoC guild founded
  • Mondain's Legacy Expansion
  • Elf Race discovered
  • Peerless Bosses encountered
  • Learned skill: spellweaving
  • First Halloween Celebrated
  • 3T guild founded

Age of Kings (2007-2008)

  • Kingdom Reborn Expansion
  • Royal Council declined in power
  • April: New Haven emerged
  • Nov: Magincia Destroyed by Invasion
  • Recorded in Guinness
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Warriors of Destiny continued Magincia Invasion

Age of Queens (2009-2011)

  • Stygian Abyss Expansion
  • Underworld, SA Dungeon, Ter Mur & Gargoyle Race discovered
  • Learned Skills: Imbuing, Throwing, Mysticism
  • Jan: King Casca claimed 2nd monarch
  • Feb: Minax Alliance formed
  • Sep: Dawn slained Casca and became Queen
  • TAFE founded
  • High Seas Booster
  • 14-26 Jan, 19 Feb-30 Mar: Great Oceania Migration
  • Mar: Queen Dawn killed by Ors, influenced by Virtuebane. 
  • Apr: Magincia Rebuilt

Player: Calis Riakel

I used to play Calis Riakel and Veldrin Riakel amongst others and hosted the Grinning Skull Tavern which was a pretty well used forum for the community at the time. 

ORPA was made up of guilds including FED (Flesh Eaters of Darkmoor): GM - Mr Plod , BMG (Brotherhood of the Mystic Gate)GM: Multani, ORB (Order of the Rising Blade): GM: RAM Dragonborne, VKR (Virtuous Knights of the Realm): GM Ronin, TCV (The Clan of Virtue?) GM: Caliope?, T*F (The Faithful) GM: was i believe Teylana (i know the person still irl but don't remember which of her toons had the stone at the time). 

Those are the main ones i remember 100% (well except TCV's info) but i am pretty sure we had a few smaller guilds as well including one of the incarnations of Ork *waves to clog*, TBD (The Blue Dragons) and others.

Player: Majestic

Anyhow just thought I would mention that if you want facts from the start of OC then you should look at the original guilds like W^C, -E-, One, COB and props to anyone that can remember UBB and the scam they played on a many unsuspecting guild, probabaly one of the best PVP fights in a dungeon occurred because of them.

As for ORPA I was in BMG at the time and have a couple of pics I will try and dig them up.. here is one I just found:

Player: Marcus Alberton

I was in OrB from 2001 - 2004 and was Huntmaster for much of this time.

We had Monday night pvp sessions around Trinsic and our keep at the swamp north of Trinsic.

We also had a regular Wednesday night hunt.

I remember many of the RP events, run at the time via Chainsaw Knight.

I cant guarantee the safety of using the link below, but it was a site maintained by a guy who made an art of looting others ingame. My particular episode is here.
Episode 57 Jones and his Ogre Lord friends

You'll find many names and much history of that era on that site.

Player: Petrify

Well there was TC ebaying items when 4FC came out and controlling most champ spawns, however that changed when Corn, Dal (running SDK) and a few others managed to get 4FC.

Then faster casting got nerfed.

And the core group of OPK dominated everything for years until everyone left because the game died.

Oh and there was cameo appearances from Avenger and co when stupidly overpowered things came out, such as WoD archers.

No guild/group of people came close to the core members of OPK.

We pretty much dominated EM events (i like to take credit for that part) and we were always first on the shard to complete new pvm stuff that was released when it was worthwhile doing so.