Ultima Series

Luna - 1st July 2012

Luna Map of Oceania, to commemorate EM Takako's visit.

Double click the map below for a "giant" higher resolution map.

Felluca Spawn Map - 1st August 2011

This is a felluca spawn map including entrances from serpent hold, lost land of T2A, and interconnecting portals between them.

Red arrows represent the route I normally take to do one complete round of "spawn monitor", starting from serpent hold, to despise, destard, deceit, fire demon, followed by a visit to the desert area, tortoise and oasis, before going back to khaldun and do a complete round of all T2A spawns that finishes at marble island. If there is a spare time, ice dungeon and stygian spawns of abyssal infernal and primeval lich will complete all felluca spawns route.

Double click the map below for a high resolution map.

15th Anniversary Lithograph

Mondain's Legacy Wallpapers

Samurai Empire Wallpapers

Kingdom Reborn Wallpapers

Hilde Brandt Wallpaper

Age of Shadows Wallpapers

Blackthorn's Revenge Wallpaper

Stygian Abyss Wallpaper

Trammel & Ter Mur - 11st Sep 2012

A concise map of Trammel and Ter Mur taken from UO client (new character's first city).