Best Tours in Papua New Guinea

Varirata National Park

Location: 36 km from Port Moresby

Most tours of the country begin with the capital city of Port Moresby. The Varirata National Park is great not just for nature and bird watching enthusiasts, but also as a vantage point for looking over the city and the sea. You can see birds-of-paradise here.

The Rainforest Habitat

Location: Lae

While most people come to Papua New Guinea to see the cassowaries, tree kangaroos or the birds-of-paradise, the saltwater crocodile Agro is the attraction at Rainforest Habitat. If you are a fan of crocodiles, this is one of the places to visit in Papua New Guinea.

Tari Basin

Location: Southern Highlands

Spread between 1700 and 2800 meters, the bird reserve consists of several different habitats and, therefore, houses a dazzling array of birds. This is the only place in the world where you can see the King of Saxony or the Blue Bird of Paradise. This natural reserve is one of the most astonishing places to visit in Papua New Guinea.

Top Destinations in Timur-Leste

Dili is the capital of Timur-Leste. It is a truly unusual place to visit. Dili appears to be two cities simultaneously. On the one hand, there are the humble locals, on the other hand, you can see luxury palaces and hundreds of expatriates.

Atauro Island

The island is an undiscovered gem with stunning mountains, beautiful beaches and good snorkeling.


In the eastern part of the island lies the small town of Lospalos. The architecture here is among the island’s most peculiar, as many of the houses are built on wooden sticks. It’s a town of strong traditions and some of its people speak Portuguese.

Jaco Island

You have to cross the whole country to get to the island of Jaco, as it’s located on the easternmost tip of Timor. However, when you arrive you’ll see that the trip was worth it.

Papua New Guinea's Culture

Staples include starchy vegetables (wild sago, breadfruit, yams, taro, sweet potatoes, and rice) complemented by wild greens, several varieties of bananas, and coconuts, mango, and other fruits. The domestication of animals provides fowl, pork, and meat from birds, marsupials, turtles, and cassowaries.


All adults are expected to master magic spells used in gardening, healing and love magic.

The Arts

In 1972, the government established the Creative Arts Centre (CAC) to train and support individuals, stage exhibitions, and commission work for national and private projects. In 1976, the CAC became the National Arts School. After Independence, the government supported the arts to promote national culture. The completion of the parliament building in 1984 marked the apex of national artistic culture.

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